Interior Design Trends 2019

Interior design trends for 2019 will continue with the theme of well being in the home and for the planet. What this means for us at G A Interiors is that we continue to make thoughtful decisions about every aspect of our work, how these decisions will affect the client and their long term implications. We want to design spaces that are future proof, choosing materials and finishes that will last, commissioning quality workmanship, and specifying furniture and products that will have longevity and can ultimately be recycled. Sustainability for us is about avoiding single use materials such plastic and using reclaimed or natural materials such as marble, stone, wood and steel and sourcing and commissioning high quality items.

We are going to look at the following themes and some inspiring examples of:

  • Natural  materials

  • Gardens and plants

  • Colour and warmth

  • Sustainability 

Interior design trends – Natural materials:

The use of natural materials has always been paramount for us and this includes hard materials such as marble, stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles. We particularly like hand made artisan tiles in bathrooms as splash backs and shower enclosures. These natural textural finishes provide a welcome contrast to our slick hi tech screen based lives.

For walls we like wall coverings of timber, grass cloth and bamboo. Cork has the benefit of being natural, recyclable and sustainable and has acoustic properties, is waterproof and hypo- allergenic. It can be used on ceilings, walls, floors and furniture. It is a humble yet versatile under rated material. We also like to source reclaimed finishes as these have a patina of time and authentic character. We have used reclaimed marble in kitchens and vintage timber panelling for walls. Rough materials such as charred timber are also popular, Shou Sugi Ban timber cladding can be used for interior and exterior. When using paints we source low VOC paints from reputable manufactures such as Little Greene and Farrow and Ball and can also source Eco paints that reduce odours and pollution, such as Airlite.

Interior design trends – Gardens and plants:

The theme of nature is also reflected in the use of plants inside and gardens as an extension to the house, where we can experience a healing sensual space and a haven from the outside world. Plants can also protect us from pollution, noise and dirt. The colour green is known for is calming and soothing effects and it is an antidote to our turbulent times.

Interior design trends – Colour and warmth:

The colours of nature will also be popular, expect to see warm palettes with a mix of greens and  ochre, grey blues and coral. The use of natural weaves such as wool, boucles, linen, embroidered fabrics for curtains and upholstery will continue to be popular. For flooring wool, jute, sisal and hemp rugs will make a comeback:


Interior design trends – Sustainability:

We are always on the look out for good quality sustainable furniture to use in our projects. We recently supplied a Harley St. clinic with chairs made from 100% plant based renewable resources, the Kuskoa Bi Bioplastic chair. It is made from corn starch and is biodegradeable and recyclable. These are made by Alki an innovative company based in the Pyrenees. Around the Tree are a Portuguese company that  manufacture a solid timber and cork chair based on an original 1950’s cafe chair that is both ecological and elegant. Other natural materials that are on trend, include cane garden furniture, and Lloyd Loom furniture made from woven paper both made by Vincent Shepherd. 

We commission bespoke furniture for many of our clients and this is an important investment in items that should stand the test of time. We are interested in using companies such as Stuart Scott who make fine tailored pieces by hand, that are contemporary, elegant and beautifully designed. We have several suppliers and manufacturers we trust and commission depending on the style of furniture required and the budget available. We think it is worth paying a bit more for furniture which is hand made, high quality and long lasting

Finally it is interesting to be aware of new sustainable materials that are available. Foresso is a sheet product made from recycled Plane trees, it looks like terrazzo  and can be cut like timber. It looks very effective and can be used to make table tops, floors and wall panels. Totomoxtle is another unusual sheet material made applied with laser cut marquetry of veneers made from Mexican heritage corn. This is a process developed by Fernando Laposse and aims to regenerate traditional agricultural practices as well as creating a new craft that generates an income for impoverished rural communities. The product can be used on lamp shades, table tops and wall panels. 

Ultimately we aim to source and implement the right materials and fittings for each project, that suit the clients brief, their lifestyle  and the style of the building. We are not governed by interior design trends but like to stay up to date of new possibilities so we can make each project new and fresh and relevant to our clients. 

Deighton Lowe